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We are able to reproduce your Club, Society, Company, College or School logo to exacting standards.



Embroidery Set Up charges.

No two designs are the same.  Costs of setting up your design depend on the number of stitches in the design and the complexity of the design.


A small charge, depending on the number of stitches, is made to cover the initial set up of your design,  a standard design works out about £12 + Vat.  


However, should you order 24 Plus items of the same design with your first order we will make up your design of up to 6,000 stitiches free of any charges.


All designs are held on disk for future use.


Embroidery Stock Designs:

We have various stock designs including  Golf, Bowls, Cricket, Hockey, Rugby, Football, Tennis, Fishing.

Your required wording can be added Around, Above or Below any stock design.  

There are no set up charges made for orders of 8 or more items made up with stock designs..


Printed Designs.  


We offer Screen printing, Vinyl printing, Sublimation printing and Full Colour Transfer Printing.

All have their own particular place and applications.

Screen printing for large quantities and multi colour prints.

Vinyl Printing for one off and small quantities of simple text or single colour designs and for

application to Nylon Jackets.

Sublimation for full colour prints onto light coloured garments, Mugs and Trophies.

Full Colour Transfer Printing onto Light and Dark garments for single items, small or medium quantities.


For Screen printing the screen charges are £25 + Vat per colour.    


For Vinyl Printing where a logo is required there is a one off design set up charge of between £12 and £24 + Vat for the make up of  the vectorisation.  For standard text there is no set up charge.


For Sublimation and Transfer printing the charges are included in the cost of the items however the reproduction of your logo, photo etc., is only as good as the quality of the file or photo you give us.  If the artwork requires attention a small charge is made for this.


Engraving Designs:

We can produce engraved photographs on a range of products.  The better photo the better the reproduction however we can clean up your image or produce your logo for engraving at a reasonable cost.  Please contact us for details.

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