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Hoodies, Sweatshirts, Polo Shirts and Mugs

with Class, Year and Names

Put the names of your Team, Class, Year, Tour etc., in or around the year.  

 Add your College, School, Club name on the front of the shirt.


                                09 details can also be printed onto a coffee mug.


    Whilst larger quantities will provide you with a better discount we are happy to                   print small quantities in T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Sportshirts and Mugs.

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Where there are not enough names to make the shape of the number we can spread the names out and leave a thin outline of the number as shown below.

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Quantities                                RRP          72                     144                    288


Standard Ceramic Mugs       £6.75      £4.70                  £3.50                £3.85              


Porcelain Mugs                       £8.50      £5.84                  £4.26                £3.50


Above mugs are dishwasher proof.

Full Colour Sublimation Mugs

Add your Class names on a Mug.  Prices include set up charges: