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We have over 38 years of knowledge and experience in the Garment Decoration trade together with the production and supply of

Bespoke Medals, Lapel Pin Badges, Coins and Trophies and Personalised Promotional items


At Wheeler's we believe in working with you, the customer, to achieve the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction.  


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Our Garments, Medals, Lapel Pin Badges and Coins are supplied with Ethical Principals.


What Does that Mean to you?


It can be hard, when you are choosing a garment, Medal or Trophy, to think about the long journey it’s already made:


Where did it come from?

How did it get here?

How does that affect me?  


At Wheeler's we believe we all need to behave responsibly; to make the right, informed decisions. We think this should start right at the beginning of the procuct's life – that they should never be produced at the expense of the environment, or the people who make them.

We hope that you feel that way too – that it’s worth looking to a brand whose products aren’t made at the expense of the world around them.  


To make sure that we deliver ethically-produced Garments, Medals, Lapel Pin Badges, Trophies and accessories we are committed to using

WRAP-accredited manufacturers and Ethically produced products.


So, what does it mean to you?


Those few extra pennies that you may pay on a Garment, Medal, Pin Badge or Trophy

means that you can wear your Garment, Medal and Pin Badge in the knowledge that you’ve made a choice –

a choice to show you care.


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For Bespoke Medals, Lapel Pin Badges, Commemerative Coins, Trophies, Awards, Cups, Shields

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We Digitally Print Full Colour Designs onto:

Polo Shirts, T' Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hooded Tops and more....


We also supply Digitally Printed Transfers for you to apply to your own garments.


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Email: [email protected]

Tel: 01834 891218

Mobile: 07836530989